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Software for driver attention and emotional state monitoring, and passenger comfort monitoring.

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How we do

Collect data

We have been collecting data from real drivers since 2014!

We built our prototype hardware test system and installed it in trucks, vans and cars to test our algorithms in real driving conditions.

Label data

We use external know-how to label critical data and our state-of-the-art AI, specially doctors, researchers and scientists.

We partner with doctors specialized in sleep disorders and psychology to label our data. Partnering with universities and their tech centers allowed us to test and access their expertise that was critical to our early development.

Research and development

Our software uses AI tech to reach the high accuracy automotive standards.

  • Face tracker - used in the overall system to identify human faces and for facial features localization.
  • Eye state - algorithm that determines if the eye is open or closed.
  • Eye gaze - algorithm that identifies where the subject is looking.
  • Emotions - algorithm that detects 7 different human emotions (neutral, fear, sad, surprise, happy, disgust, angry).
  • Heart Rate - algorithm that measures the heart rate by analyzing skin color change.
  • Face Recognition - used in the overall system to identify specific people.
  • Fatigue - algorithm that identifies three levels of fatigue using eye blinking statistics.

We chose to develop the most adaptable tech in the market:

  • OS agnostic – our tech can run on any operating system, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Hardware agnostic – our algorithms can be processed on GPU and CPU, on any embedded solution.
  • Sensor agnostic - our algorithms are ready to perform and tested with high accuracy using RGB cameras, RGBd, IR 850nm and IR 940nm.
Go to market

Currently Dual-Market Strategy

  1. OEM’s, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.
  2. Aftermarket using mobile devices.

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