HealthyRoad @Rockstart Accelerator Program.

HealthyRoad was one of the ten startups selected worldwide to the Rockstart’s Accelerator Program.
Rockstart’s gives support to startups from all over the world to evolve their companies from idea to the market. In order to do this, it provides investment, office space, guidance of mentors and networking opportunities.

The program starts in April and each company has 150 days to fine-tune their projects in Amsterdam’s incubator. It also gives the opportunity, twice a year, to visit different international start-ups hubs for two weeks to meet local start-ups and investors in New York and San Francisco.

HealthyRoad will be developing a technology that consists in a facial biometric software that processes in real time the stream from one single camera, in order to get facial features. We aim to use this technology in vehicles in order to reduce accidents due to distraction and drowsiness.

The software main goal is to alert the driver for dangerous driving behaviors and to awake him if he falls asleep, to do that the software is able to analyze drowsiness, distraction and other features.

HealthyRoad within the next month will continue to develop this project in Amsterdam’s incubator.