Auto Tech.AD 2016

Auto Tech.AD 2016 took place in Berlin on 25 and 26 of February of 2016. This event brought together all the stakeholders who play an active role in the vehicle automation scene and it gave you precise insights into new business prospects and technical strategies, while offering you the chance to discuss the specific roadmaps for vehicle automation.

HealthyRoad’s main concern is road accidents due to distraction and drowsiness at the wheel, which both are considered responsible for more than 60% of road accidents in Europe and USA. Therefore, HealthyRoad has developed a technology that consists in a biometric software that processes in real time the stream from one single camera, in order to get the facial features of the driver.

The software analyze drowsiness, distraction, and it will soon be able to identify the driver level of fatigue, heart rate, stress, as well as his sex and age in order to create a driver’s profile. The software main goal is to alert the driver for dangerous driving behaviors and to wake him up if he falls asleep while driving.

HealthyRoad’s co-founder André Azevedo made a pitch on this event where he explains the company’s motivation and solutions to this real problems. You may follow the whole live-interview in here: http://autonomous-driving-berlin.com/en/newsroom/