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Critical, Essential and Important AI tech for automotive!

HealthyRoad is a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) tech to monitor driver’s and passengers!

With our proprietary machine vision algorithms we are capable to monitor the human behaviour (drowsiness, distraction, stress, fatigue, emotions, heart rate, etc).


Face Recognition

Automotive Application

Modern vehicles

It is critical to monitor the driver behavior, alert him to be focus on the driving tasks and even wake him up if he falls asleep.

Level 3 autonomy vehicles

It is essential to monitor the driver behavior, to understand if he is capable to take over the vehicle control.

Fully autonomous vehicle

It is important to monitor the passenger behaviour, to enhance the best levels of comfort.

HealthyRoad AI tech has high accuracy, with more than 90%!

HealthyRoad tech is ready for the market needs!




+ 300.000km

With our network of drivers, we already covered more than 300.000km of tests. Data that is critical to build our algorithms using artificial intelligence (AI).

Medical doctors

Our partnership with Medical doctors, allowed us to label our data and to use it to build our deep learning algorithms, that are capable to understand several human factors.

Psychology doctors

We work with Psychology doctors, to better understand the human behavior and build algorithms that are capable to identify for example 7 different emotions.